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Hey, you! I know a lot of "about me" pages for entrepreneurs tell their story of how they've always dreamt of their passion or always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. But that's not my story. Instead, I became a photographer before I knew I wanted to be one. (I think I always wrote that I wanted to be a nurse. But for the health and safety of us all, let's just be thankful that I stuck to becoming a photographer).

my story

In high school, I remember having to select our classes and as a student, the easier classes were a no-brainer. Through the course of those four years, I took five different photography classes and really learned the basics of the camera, settings, and exposure as well as using various computer programs for processing, etc. During that time, a friend in one of those classes would do photo- shoots of me for fun and I wondered what it would be like to photograph people, instead of just the objects we needed to for homework. Because I didn’t have my own camera to experiment with, I would often (gently) “borrow” my aunts camera to document candid’s of our family just hanging out.

I'd show off the captured moments to my family, who offered sweet and generous compliments, and really supported and encouraged me to explore photography. During my senior year of high school, we were required to complete a senior project on any topic of our choice, which had to be completed in a certain amount of hours. In my mind, I knew that photography would be a good option and the quickest (and easiest) way to complete those hours would be a wedding because of the long day(s). So after shadowing and second shooting for a local photographer for multiple weddings, Kelsey Renee Photography was born and the rest is history!

Why I do what I do...

Photography is more than just images;
it’s freezing intimate moments that pass in the blink of an eye
and preserving your memories for future generations to relive.

It’s an experience that brings people together, encourages connection and forming of new friendships. It’s learning to serve others on the greatest day of their lives and to celebrate with them as they start a new beginning. It’s praying God’s favor on them and their marriage, and for blessings on their wedding day and beyond. Ultimately, my goal is to use my God-given gifts to love and serve my clients and those I come in contact with, to capture beautiful memories and create an experience that my clients will never, ever forget.

Hugs over handshakes. Every time. 

Sprinkled donuts and vanilla macarons are ALWAYS the answer.

Family is everything.

Before marriage: I hated cooking. After marriage: I enjoy both 
cooking & baking. Never say never! 

I’m a windows-down-bass-up kind of girl.

Wedding details and Bride & Groom portraits are my favorite things to photograph on a wedding day.

A meal isn’t finished until you’ve had dessert. Breakfast, lunch 
& dinner!

I’m a Christ-follower and I strive to glorify Him.

I LOVE breakfast. I basically grew up on eggs and cereal (not 
mixed together) and still prefer it over a home-cooked meal sometimes. 

Bucket list locations: Italy, Greece & Paris.

10 fast facts

Things that

fire me up...

Overly excited and outgoing people
Surprise love notes from my husband
Family traditions
Deep conversations
My front porch
Summer nights under string lights
Campfires and s’mores
Big fluffy bouquets

my better half

I became a photographer before I became a wife, but my husband definitely takes the cake (yum.. cake). Although I’m still trying to convince him to become my second shooter (I have to try, right?), he is my absolute best friend and I couldn’t do this without his constant support in me and my business. So, I think he deserves a little time in the spotlight around here!

about us

about us

We’ve met through mutual friends and clicked since day one!

We’ve been married since Nov. 16, 2014 (

We love spending time together; whether it’s a date night, trying a new restaurant, playing board games, or going on weekend camping trips!

Zach works in a warehouse for my Father’s business (maybe one day he’ll work for me *fingers crossed*). He also loves to play golf and disc golf, ride his motorcycle and spend time in the gym.

We love going on double dates with friends.

We both hate roller coasters.

We cherish our friends and family, and this life that the Lord has generously blessed us with.

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