This online course is full of easy to follow steps + systems to accelerate your editing and increase your turnaround times.

Get my exact shooting strategy that takes you from overshooting and overwhelmed to editing with ease and efficiency. 


You’ll experience a new way of showing up in your business that allows you to have the freedom and flexibility to run your business and live your life in a way that works FOR you. Not the other way around. 

In my tutorial-led videos, you'll see how easy it really is to simplify your workload.  

What if you could photograph as many Sessions and Weddings that you wanted, without being trapped at your computer for hours and hours afterwards?

Say no more!

Here’s what you might not know. Those tactics haven’t worked because you're consistently overshooting instead of learning to shoot with purpose and strategy.

And while I can’t automatically cull and edit your galleries for you, I can share my exact shooting strategy so you can confidently navigate your post-processing workload in an easy and organized way.

If you’ve constantly been living in an overwhelmed, feeling behind and burned out state of mind, then keep reading because this course was created for you! 

I know you’d love nothing more than to wake up to an empty list of galleries to edit, if only

You’ve already poured so much time and energy into different strategies like: trying to cull and edit even faster or trying to stay on top of your workload with minimal success.

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that you're more than capable of achieving freedom from editing and eliminating hours behind your computer screen.

This is ALL possible. I'll show you how!

Go on a coffee date with a friend or adventure to the beach for the day. YOU are now in control of your schedule, boundaries and workload.

Have the freedom and flexibility in your schedule to take rest days without the pressure to edit.

Now, you don't have to pick sides - you get to do both and everyone wins!

Never again feel guilty about choosing your editing to-do list over spending time with your family.

Once you've implemented the strategies + systems in this course, you won't have a reason to be working late!

Avoid working late at night to try and catch up on your backlog of editing.

Your word of mouth referrals will explode, which will boost your business reputation, bookings and ultimately your profits.

Consistently deliver full galleries within a week (or less) from the session date.

What if you could...

woah, that's true.

I've learned to replace overwhelm and burnout by setting permanent boundaries in my schedule so that I could avoid the stress, anxiety and pressure to achieve the schedule and workload I desired, over and over again.

I know what it's like to feel that way too!

Think about how good it would feel to open up your to-do list and see not one single gallery written anywhere.

- Hannah M.

"Saving time in your business is so much more than just editing faster, it all works together with how you shoot, cull, organize your folders, edit, etc. Sometimes all you need is some helpful tips and tricks to get your business back on track to saving time and working smarter not harder!"

"Saving time in your business is so much more than just editing smarter not harder!"

 My exact shooting strategy that takes you from overshooting and overwhelmed to editing with ease and efficiency

Freedom From Editing
(without hiring an editor)


If you desire additional support, use your newfound free time to overcome any obstacles that are keeping you stuck.

Discounted 1:1 Coaching Support

Eliminate the guessing game and start showing up with a plan and a purpose when photographing your client(s). 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Bite-sized lessons and tutorials that you can watch within a
30-minute timeframe or less!

Quick Wins

This Course is Focused on Getting You Results in 3 Core Ways

*additional cost - not included in course price*

I remember it like it was yesterday. In the early years of growing my business, I failed to learn and implement any real systems or strategies that would help me become more efficient with my time. Turns out that throwing sphaghetti-at-the-wall-and-hoping-it-sticks isn't really a solid plan. 

I dreaded the thought of how much work was ahead of me, even though the Session or Wedding was a DREAM to photograph. Sneak previews were enough to hold me over and so I avoided finishing the galleries for WEEKS. Plural. 

I often felt so frustrated with how LONG it took to work through a gallery that ultimately, I'd avoid even getting started. There has GOT to be a faster way to do this! So I made it my mission (and passion) to create a NEW way of handling my workload. That's how Freedom From Editing (without hiring an editor) was created and I'm spilling every single detail and tip inside to help you achieve the same results.

I went from 4+ week turnarounds to one week (or less) after implementing what I'm teaching you in this program.

Why learn from me?

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By the end of this course, you will have more time to photograph your clients, take a day (or two) out of office, and oh yeah... work on business tasks that actually excite you!

Yep, you get all of that!

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get immediate access to the course and bonuses!

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I’ve got you covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means if you download all of the course files, watch all of the videos, implement what you learn, and still don't see any results from this course, you will be 100% refunded. 

You just gotta actively put in the work. Deal?

Your investment is fully backed by our satisfaction guarantee. 

risk free

  • Learn how to be set up for success from the get-go.

  • The secret to a fast turnaround time (where most photographers get it wrong).

  • Three essential camera settings to have selected on your camera at all times.

  • Three steps to complete before taking one single photo

A Firm Foundation

module one

  • Keep your images and files organized instantly using my step-by-step guide when downloading images to your hard drive.

  • Set up your hard drives in an organized and categorized way.

  • Creating and labeling your files for easy access.

module two

Post-Processing: The Basics

  • Understanding how Photo Mechanic works altogether.

  • My best tips to quickly & efficiently cull your images in only a few hours or less.

  • The mindset shift you can take to help you power through the culling process.

module three

Photo Mechanic

  • You'll witness how all of the previous lessons compound and affect how you can edit with speed.

  • Understand the different settings and shortcuts to use to accelerate your editing.

  • Export your images in an organized and personalized way.

module Four


  • Complete overview of my favorite user-friendly online gallery delivery program

  • Professionally deliver your edited images

  • Create a new easy stream of passive income 

module five

Final Delivery with Pixieset

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Here's what's waiting for you inside...

Without learning how to overcome these obstacles, you'll be left to wonder why experiencing freedom away from your computer feels unattainable and only possible for others.

But with the tools, strategies and systems that I teach in this course you, too, can unlock the solutions to finding freedom from editing.

Here's the truth:
If you're spending 10+ hours culling & editing your galleries... overshooting & perfectionism is hindering your productivity & efficiency.

How much does Freedom From Editing (without hiring an editor) cost?

well, this sounds amazing.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get immediate access to the course and bonuses!

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5 monthly payments of

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I'm all about overdelivering to help you get results. In addition to the 5 module course, you also get:

Did someone say bonuses?

Tips to avoiding burnout in your business, having your business work around YOUR schedule and start living the life you desire.

Boundaries Over Burnout

Bonus One

My equipment checklists to help you eliminate unnecessary time packing your bags, as well as my full, start to finish workflow to provide a consistent and quality client experience.

My Equipment Checklists & Workflows

Bonus two

Links page to my favorite resources to organize, streamline, and grow your business.

My Must-have Resources

Bonus three

My exact step-by-step blueprint to execute client sessions that has boosted my business reputation, allowed me to work with raving 5* clients, increased my profit and more!

Client Experience Made Easy

bonus four

Keep the momentum going! When you purchase this course, you'll receive a limited-time offer to access my coaching support at a discounted rate! Conquer any topic that is keeping you stuck and hindering your business growth. You ask, I answer!

Discounted 1:1 Coaching Support

Bonus five

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if you desire additional support...

You're not willing to put in the work to achieve the results.

You've already mastered every aspect of shooting, culling and editing.

You don’t enjoy self-paced learning or self-led courses.

You have no prior shooting or editing experience.

This is not for you if...

but will this work for me?

You are ready to experience life beyond your computer screen on a consistent basis.

You desire help with editing, but can't afford an editor.

Gaining freedom and flexibility in your schedule is exactly what you're looking for.

You are overwhelmed and anxious with your editing workload.

This is for you if...

but will this work for me?

"I would highly suggest purchasing The Freedom of Editing Course because it gives you all the basics of a photographer's workflow in post-processing and Lightroom and Photo Mechanic basics that help streamline your time and management of your business. I enjoyed it overall - very good information and worth every penny."

- Tracy R.

"I enjoyed it overall - very good information and worth every penny."

student review

*additional cost - not included in course price*

I want access to this!

Optional Additional Support: A limited time customized 1:1 Coaching offer (at a discounted rate) to fit your specific business needs

Swipe files, emails and checklists to use and implement in your own business

5 Bonuses as a little gift from me to you

5 Modules (18 lessons) of straight-forward content

When you buy the course, you're getting instant access to...

ok, let's recap!

Step-by-step Tutorial Videos

I'm ready. Let's go!

I'm ready. Let's go!

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You’ve got the photography skills. I’ve got the experience, knowledge, and passion to help you turn those skills into a streamlined and efficient photography business.

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Common Q's and A's:

I have a question...

Yes! The perfect spot to be is having 1-2 years of shooting experience under your belt before you really establish your systems and workflows!

This course will teach you exactly what you need, to hit the ground running!

Is this a good investment for me if I’m just starting out?

You'll have lifetime access to the course materials, so you can always go back to review anything you might have missed!

You'll also have access to any updated materials completely for free!

How long will I have access to the course?

If you're still hesitant and not sure this course is a good fit for you, EMAIL US at:!

We are here for you and truly want to make sure this is the perfect fit! This course will speed up your post-processing time and will provide you with additional time in your schedule to work, or take a day out of office, and we're positive you will truly benefit from it!

I'm still not sure this course is a good fit and I have more questions...

I kept you, a busy photographer, in mind! You can expect to fully watch all lessons and tutorials in under 5 hours from start to finish! Not including the PDF downloads.

What is the time commitment?

you can!

  • Excited clients that write raving 5* reviews & tell their friends how fast they received their images!

  • Replace your time behind the computer with more time behind the camera.

  • Increased confidence to book more Sessions or Weddings without feeling anxious about the workload that comes with it.

  • Eliminate the pressure to choose your to-do list over time with your family.

  • Create consistency and efficiency in your business to make sure your hours of hard work actually move the needle.

When you implement everything inside this course, you're going to walk away with these incredible results:

With this COURSE,

I'm ready!

It’s decision time. You can keep crossing your fingers and hoping things will change. Or, you can have instant access to a proven and successful system that provides freedom & flexibility. Join Freedom From Editing (without hiring an editor) today!  

Are you ready to go from overshooting and overwhelmed to editing with ease and efficiency?

— Dorothy C.

"Kelsey has really nailed down this workflow to make it be the smoothest, and easiest process while maintaining high quality photos and client communication. So basically, any photographer can learn *a lot* from Kelsey when it comes to the editing process of their sessions!"