professional posing made easy

A 26 page guide that will simplify the struggles of posing while elevating your client experience so you no longer need to worry about awkward poses or uncomfortable client conversations.

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- Lead like a professional: cultivating a comfortable atmosphere for your clients
Pose with confidence: easing your clients nerves in front of the camera
- Show up fully prepared: never drawing a blank about what to do next
Receive rave reviews: bringing in more business than ever before
- Officially say goodbye to the imposter syndrome: knowing that you're equipped for a successful session every time

When you implement what's inside this guide...
you walk away with REAL transformational results:

This is the magic that’s waiting for you inside the guide!


"this guide directs you so that you learn it like the back of your hand! I'm so glad I purchased this - it is worth every cent!"

"All my questions on posing: answered! I LOVE this guide. It really helped me learn how to make my clients feel comfortable during their photos which allowed me get awesome shots that they loved! Kelsey explains how to pose clients so that every angle looks great in their photos! It can be hard to come up with poses for clients, but this guide directs you so that you learn it like the back of your hand! I'm so glad I purchased this - it is worth every cent!"

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"I love this posing guide so much. It’s easy to read, follow, and gives me the confidence I need to go into a session with an action plan!"

"I love this posing guide so much. It’s easy to read, follow, and gives me the confidence I need to go into a session with an action plan! I tend to freeze and forget what I’m doing when I’m in front of clients, but your little hidden gem at the end of the guide gives me that extra support to make sure I leave a session feeling great! "

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a glimpse inside the guide

Which one best describes you?

This guide is for you if you: 

- Want the best for your clients
- Are ready for more business
- Are tired of dealing with imposter syndrome during your sessions
- Want to build your business reputation with raving 5* reviews
- Want to expand your list of posing options

... & more!


- Are satisfied with "average" sessions
- Don't want to go above and beyond to serve your clients
- Are okay with a lack of bookings on your calendar
- Not interested in learning how to drive more sales in your business

Picture this:

As soon as you read through this guide and apply what you've learned, you get to see results instantly...
even if you only take it one page at a time.

I created this guide with you in mind.

I know how it feels to waste hours of time googling and researching, trying to find the answers to your questions without any luck. It's pointless and nobody has time to waste.

That's why I specifically created this guide to be bite-sized and easily implemented for you to see direct results - and fast. No fluff; just the exact steps you need to take and in the order you need to take them.

By purchasing this guide, you're getting my exact proven roadmap that took me from $25 sessions to $550 sessions and 11 years of knowledge and experience without the hassle of figuring it out by yourself.

Within one hour (or less!) you can completely transform how you provide a profitable client experience without ever looking back.  

I want your proven road map

Why should you take it from me?:

Hey, I'm Kelsey!

You could say that I've been around the wedding industry for "just a little" since starting my business back in my senior year of high school in 2011.

I've done my fair share of trial and error, spinning my wheels and believing that providing a top-notch client experience was only for the experts.

However, I've busted that myth and proved that it can be done.

With my length of experience I've learned a few tips and tricks along the way, and lucky for you, it's all jammed packed into my new favorite guide, Professional Posing Made Easy.

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How long will it take to read through the guide?

You can go as fast or as slow as you want! I'd set aside at least 30 minutes minimum if you're reading from the front page to the back at one time.


Nope! This is for all photographers whether you photograph seniors, anniversary or engagement sessions! The same principles apply to whoever you're photographing.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Instantly! I made each step super practical and easy to implement so that you could read the guide before your session and then apply it right away.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee. This means if you’ve gone through the pdf guide, actively put in the work, implemented everything and still do not see the promised results, you will be refunded.