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I believe in printing your images.

The first thing you reach for and cherish during celebrations and trials - are your photos. Why? Because they represent special memories; moments frozen in time, allowing you to relive those occasions.

The same principle works for your wedding - your special day!  Thousands of memorable and personal moments take place during your wedding day, most of which go flying by. Wedding photography is the tool to freeze your day, turning those moments into memories. Your album acts as a souvenir, preserving your memories for generations to come. 

Here's how it works:


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preview album designs

bradley & justine

Riverdale Manor
Lancaster, PA

rob & bryanna

Historic Hotel Bethlehem, Bethlehem, PA 

tyler & emily

Hotel Hershey, Hershey, PA


I’m ready to order an album! What is the first step? 

Yay! I’m so proud of you for investing in a beautiful, quality product to cherish your memories for years to come! To get started, I’ll need you to know your choice of fabric, color, and any extras you're adding to your album. In addition, I will need the full album payment before I start the design process! See #4 above on how to get in touch! 

How does the album design process work?

Once full payment is received, I will get started on the design process. I start by selecting all the album images needed, and design the album from start to finish! I take all of the guesswork out for you by choosing images which flow best throughout the album to tell your complete wedding story.

Do I get to see the album design before you order?

Yes, absolutely! I want you to be 100% pleased with your album design before ordering. Once the album is designed and ready for review, I will send you a direct link to view your full album which will give you an idea of how the physical copy will look.

Of course! Since I will be selecting the images based on a photographer’s perspective, I encourage my clients to swap out any images they would like! Each client is allowed 3 free revisions to their album. Additional revisions are $100 each. 

I have favorites images that I want included. Can I swap out images? 

What is the turn around time for an album? 

Once full payment is received – you will be given a link to view the finished album design within one week. You will then have one week to submit any revisions. After you give final approval, the album will be shipped to me (for product review) within 5-7 business days. (An approx. timeline from start to finish: 4-6 weeks) 

What are some of the qualities of the album? 

There are many qualities of this album that I love! The quality of print, the lay flat layout (gives the impression of an “invisible” seam) and the pages are thicker than regular prints (which makes them sturdy and hard to tear or bend). Lastly, fingerprints aren’t visible and the finish of the pages allows any spills to be wiped right off! 

We really wanted a keepsake that we could easily look at for years to come so we decided that it would be best to invest in an album. Purchasing an album was the best decision we have made by far when it came to our wedding! All of the cake will be eaten and the flowers will die, but the photos are truly what sparks joy and enhances memories for years to come.. we love our album!! We LOVE that we can pull out our album and reminisce on our wedding day so easily! :) 

Jon & Leah



I knew that if I didn't have an album I feel we wouldn't have appreciated the photos from our wedding as much or that I wouldn't have looked back on the photos very often. It is the perfect way to display the photos and memories from our wedding day. Looking back, I am so glad I decided to get an album, as it is a piece that we will always have to remember our day!

Mike & Megan



You spend so much time on planning everything down to the little details of your wedding, and trying to encompass little things of your love story and personalities, so why not have an album as a physical representation of your wedding day? Kelsey made the process of purchasing an album sooo easy! My album is something I'm proud to pull out and show off because I know that all the pictures are top-notch quality and are put together in a neat and aesthetically pleasing way.

Lamar & Kara



We wanted a wedding keepsake that was professional-looking and unique to us. To have an album designed by the photographer who took the photos, you just can't replicate that anywhere else! Like most couples, we tried to be very conscious about every dollar we were spending on our wedding, and we debated whether we needed an album or not. However, we are SO glad that we made the investment. An album is a tangible keepsake and a worthwhile investment because it is something we will keep forever (and it will last forever because the quality is excellent!)

Tyler & Emily