Does your website meet the basic requirements? Does it accurately represent the service you provide? If you answered no instead of yes then it's time to make a change.

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I know most people often cringe at hearing the phrase, "Do you have a website?" or "What is your website URL?". But it doesn't have to be this way and it certainly doesn't need to be hard. You're a small business, hustling to provide a service or a product for potential clients. You put in countless hours getting your business up and running..but only for Instagram? All of your hard work deserves to be beautifully displayed on a website that is working for you and not against you. 

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I purchased a website audit because I knew my website needed help but I was overwhelmed at the thought of where to start and what's most important. Now I've learned soooooo many things and just talking it over with Kelsey helped make it seem less daunting. Doing a website audit is a great way to get unbiased eyes to look at your website and receive honest feedback. Overall, I had a great experience working with Kelsey!! She has such a cheerful persona to work with!

- Sherri

From the very beginning, Kelsey’s love for photography AND people shined through her camera lens but more importantly her heart. The moment I spoke with Kelsey I knew she would be perfect for me and my husband’s goofy personalities. When wedding day arrived, Kelsey was AMAZING!! She truly went above and beyond for our day by giving us every opportunity for additional pictures. I’m usually a critical person, but every single picture was my favorite. I couldn’t pick out one picture that I didn't like. 

Matt & Steph

Kelsey was EASILY the best decision we made for our wedding! She didn't just do our photography, she helped make the timeline and orchestrate the wedding day. Whenever I'd talk with her during the planning process all of my stresses would melt away! All of our friends and family loved her; she was so friendly and has such a great personality. From the moment we met her she felt like an old friend. Do yourself a favor and book her as your wedding photographer!! 

Mike & Kendra

Kelsey was absolutely amazing! I knew I wanted Kelsey to do our wedding pictures from the very start after seeing her amazing work through other couples. When we first met Kelsey we were overjoyed by how excited she was to capture our wedding day. I would highly without a doubt recommend Kelsey as your wedding photographer! She went above and beyond! 

Ben & Morgan

OH MY GOSH! I am obsessed with all of them!! I am so happy to have found such a fun photographer! She has such a bubbly personality and amazing talent! We could not be happier with all the photos! I want to stay in touch for years to come, as Kelsey has become such an important part of our life! God has blessed her with an amazing talent; She shares her fun loving personality to everyone and makes the world a better place!

Lavon & Courtney

Kelsey was amazing - we couldn't be happier with her! She does a great job finding the perfect pose and getting the right lighting. She spent time with me getting the timeline done and going over the details a few days before our wedding, which put my mind at ease. She is so sweet, down to earth, and friendly. I would recommend her for anyone!

Tyler & Brittany

I absolutely loved working with Kelsey Renee Photography! She made everything so much more fun; I was never stressed or worried when she was around. She even helped me with my wedding timeline when I was clueless with what was doing. I highly recommend her, she's so compassionate about her job and the individuals she is working with. Kelsey Renee Photography went above and beyond to make us feel special and that our love was all that mattered.

Troy & Danielle

 Kelsey! What can we say!!! We're so thankful for all the attention and time you put into our pictures, making them so unique!! And for just having fun with us, we had a blast and felt so comfortable with every shot! We loved every minute of it! She got some amazing pictures!!! We've had A LOT of people comment and say what an incredible photographer we have and they were amazed at how QUICKLY you got pictures back to us! SUPER impressed!!! 

Zac & Bethany

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